I have been making jewelry regularly since 2020 as a creative outlet with tangible results after working at big companies for many years.

Over the years I always enjoyed trying out new creative endeavors and dabbled in everything between polymer clay, painting in oil, acrylics and on silk and finally settled on creating in metal.

Drawing of a mashup of the Cretan "Snake Goddess" and a pair of wire wrapping pliers, 2020

My very first project that was made into metal was a brooch in lost wax during a vacation in Austria. Unbeknownst to teenage me, this fun afternoon of making was just the beginning of a lifelong love of metalworking.

Lost wax brooch, ca 1989

Before starting university to study engineering in Germany, some internships were mandatory. These provided me a good overview of working with steel and using various techniques that come in handy today for working in jewelry, like sawing, filing and soldering.

Early welding attempts can be seen in this steel frame, 1995

After moving to California in 2012 and living there for a few years I found a place to really start making jewelry at the Davide Bigazzi Studio in Menlo Park.

Since 2020 I have been taking classes there and in 2021 participated in the chasing and repousse workshop led by Davide in Tuscany.

In 2022, I spent 2 weeks in New York learning the ancient technique of granulation at the Jewelry Arts Inc.

22K gold earrings with granulation, 2022